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Priorities to Keep the Public Safe

Public Trust

When Sheriff Brown took office he brought with him a public trust built from a lifetime of public service. As your Sheriff he has worked hard to maintain and grow that trust in all areas of our county. That is represented daily in the interactions Sheriff Brown has with people in our communities. Sheriff Brown will continue to earn your trust as we all work together to have the best Sheriff’s Office in our state.

Relationships with Law 
Enforcement Agencies

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As promised, Sheriff Brown has greatly improved working relationships with our local, state and federal law enforcement partners. These improved relationships have fostered a spirit of cooperation that is resulting in taking dangerous criminals off our streets. Sheriff Brown has built these strong and lasting relationships in order to offer the highest level of public service to all of the citizens living in our cities and county.   

Our Children

As promised, Sheriff Brown has placed a special focus on our children. In his first term Sheriff Brown has worked tirelessly with our county commissioners, counties school administration to increase safety in our elementary schools. This work has resulted in the addition of School Resource Officers in our elementary schools. We have also expanded our K-9 program by adding a dog and handler specifically assigned to our schools whose mission is to prevent the spread of narcotics.

Narcotics Enforcement

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Sheriff Brown has a multifaceted approach to narcotics enforcement. The Sheriff’s Office Narcotics Division focuses on identifying and apprehending people who are trafficking narcotics into our county. The Sheriff’s Office Special Enforcement Group (SEG) focuses on criminals operating on our streets and in our communities. This approach ensures that both street level dealers and the drug traffickers who supply them are targeted.

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